When insects in warehouses infest stored goods, the resulting damage can be extremely costly. After disposing of infested materials, treat racks, loading docks and foundation expansion joints with a tank mix of a residual insecticide and an IGR. Recommended products include Zenprox® EC or Lambda 9.7 CS insecticides combined with Gentrol® IGR Concentrate. In areas where spraying is not appropriate, place Gentrol Point Source® Roach Control Device where insects are active. You may also place a Precor® Plus Fogger applicator in the center of the space for a quick kill and residual control of insects; one fogger per 375 square feet is ideal. Botanical insecticides such as EcoPCO® AR-X Multi-Purpose Insecticide, EcoPCO® D-X Dust Insecticide, EcoPCO® WP-X Water Soluble Pouches and Essentria® All Purpose Insect Concentrate can be applied to cracks, crevices, voids and other hard-to-reach places to eliminate a broad spectrum of crawling insects.