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Commercial Kitchens

Begin by disposing of all infested food items. Remove remaining food and silverware, and cover all exposed food preparation areas. For a quick kill of insects in exposed areas, spray botanical insecticides such as Essentria® All Purpose Insect Concentrate and Essentria® IC-3 Insect Concentrates, as well as insect growth regulators such as Gentrol® Aerosol. Apply these products to hard-to-reach areas such as cracks, crevices and dark corners. Drains and disposal lines can be breeding sites and entryways for flies and other insects; treat them with Gentrol® IGR Concentrate, and make sure they are properly sealed. Finish the job by leaving behind traps such as the insecticide-free Starbar® EZ Trap®.

See label for complete dilution and application rate instructions. Always follow all label directions.