Dilution Rate Calculator

Available Product Sizes

  • 1 gal bottle
  • 5 gal bottle
  • 55 gal drum

Input the square footage of your treatment area below to find the appropriate dilution rate for Pyronyl™ Fogging PF Insecticide. Note that this product can be mixed with PBO-8® Synergist to prevent insect resistance and Precor® IGR Concentrate to extend the residual control of the product. Refer to product labels to learn more about these tank mixes.

sq ft


{ "fields":[ { "label": "Treatment Area:", "id": "treatment-area", "type": "input" }, { "label": "LO Rate (1 oz / 1000 sq ft):", "id": "lo-rate", "type": "output", "formula": "{treatment-area} / 1000", "units": "oz" }, { "label": "HI Rate (1.83 oz / 1000 sq ft):", "id": "hi-rate", "type": "output", "formula": "{treatment-area} / 1000 * 1.83", "units": "oz" } ] }