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Meet the Zoëcon Brands Zoëcon carries an array of brands and product lines designed to meet the challenges presented by every type of infestation

With the emergence of the Zika virus and the continued spread of the West Niles virus, mosquito control is at the forefront of public concern. Effective control programs attack mosquitoes at every life stage; larviciding is a key element of this. Altosid® larvicide products contain an insect growth regulator (IGR), (S)-methoprene, that prevents larvae from developing into breeding, biting adults. Altosid® larvicide products are available in multiple formulations designed to meet the challenges of specific mosquito habitats. Additionally, Zoëcon offers adulticide and barrier treatment solutions to control existing populations of adult, disease-transmitting mosquitoes, these products can be found under the Traditional Chemistries category.  
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